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High-end Mobile Sound Designed in California for Audiophiles Everywhere™

Audio isn’t always friendly, but we think it should be. At Audiofrog, we are committed to designing and building the best products possible. We are also committed to providing straightforward information and help, free of mysterious and unscientific technobabble. Truth matters.
Are we passionate about what we do? Of course! Our passion for great sounding cars is what motivates us to design and develop great products, but passion alone isn’t enough. The Audiofrog team has spent years making award-winning car audio systems and award-winning products. Experience matters.
Audiofrog products aren’t cheap, but value isn’t determined by price alone. We think when you compare the attention to detail, features and the performance of Audiofrog products to others, you’ll agree. Exceptional is worth a little extra. Quality matters.

We’re eager to hear from you and to provide the best we have to offer. At Audiofrog, people matter.


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Unfortunately, the Audiofrog U event on Friday night is cancelled.

For those of you who were planning to attend, I apologize. Its a family thing and I have to stay home.

Bob, our rep, will be at Handcrafted on Saturday doing demos in his car, which sounds great.

Designing and installing great sounding car audio doesn’t have to be mysterious or complicated!

What we’ll cover

What’s in a factor system? More than you may think!

How can I figure out what to do before I start?

How can I make fine tuning cars a straightforward and predictable process?

Who’s invited?

Car audio professionals looking to improve their skills.

Car audio enthusiasts looking to connect with experts.

Please R.S.V.P. to jon@handcraftedaudio.com or andy@audiofrogusa.com


October 21, 2016

6pm – 8pm


Handcrafted Car Audio

2775 N. Arizona Ave #5

Chandler, AZ

How Much?

$15 per attendee

(covers the food)

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